Trinidad Council May Remove Planning Commissioner After Citizen Complaint

trinidad-council-may-remove-planning-commissioner-after-citizen-complaintTRINIDAD – Trinidad Council may remove a planning commissioner following what staff describe as an egregious violation of the city’s code of conduct.

Penny Gunn filed a citizen complaint with the city against Commissioner John Hedrick. Gunn alleged that Hedrick was selling pies at the Trinidad Art Market on June 4th without permission and in violation of health and safety codes.

According to Gunn, when she explained why he couldn’t participate, Hedrick said quote “I am the planning commissioner for the city of Trinidad and if you ever want a building permit or an upgrade, good luck with that” end quote.

Gunn filed the complaint the next day and wrote that she felt threatened by his statement.

Hedrick reportedly acknowledged the conflict in conversations with city staff who asked him to resign. Hedrick declined.

Now council will discuss the complaint and consider discipline up to and including removing Hedrick from the planning commission.

Hedrick was appointed to the commission in January of this year and was due to serve until 2020. If he is removed, Trinidad will only have three serving commissioners.

The meeting is Wednesday night at 6:00 in Trinidad Town Hall.