Fighting For Faith: Rio Dell Family’s Battle With Childhood Cancer


RIO DELL – “Faith is an amazing child. If you look at her, obviously you can see that she’s bald you’re going to know that she’s sick but if you didn’t know you wouldn’t be able to tell,” said Mother, Andrea Wrisley.

Faith Wrisley is an almost-six-year-old living with her family, a sister, Destiny, and her mom and dad, David and Andrea, in Rio Dell.

In 2013, Faith was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a type of cancer that starts in the kidneys.

“it’s such a shock, you can’t even cry about it immediately because it doesn’t sink in,” said Andrea, “You don’t want to believe what they have to tell you.”

After eight months of chemo therapy and four surgeries, Faith was declared cancer free – but then it came back.

“In October of last year they noticed a small spot on her kidney,” explained Andrea.

Now, faith has started up chemo again.

“It takes 6 hours a day, five days a week, every third week.”

Despite all this, Faith is just like any other kid, playing with her toys, and her beloved animals.

“Faith spends the majority of her days playing outside with her animals,” said Andrea, “It’s so important that she have that – something that makes her so happy. If she could, she would spend every waking moment with her animals.”

She has nothing but support from her family.

“It will have the word faith, and no one fights alone,” said Father, David Wrisley, about the childhood cancer ribbon tattoo he has on his forearm.

The Wrisley’s want other families going through this to know they are not alone.

“Every day, over 300 kids are diagnosed with cancer, and obviously you never think it’s going to be yours. But sometimes it is,” said Andrea.

They believe through it all, you have to hold on, to faith.

“They say that you never get to meet your hero, but I gave birth to mine. She is one of the strongest people that i have met in my entire life. And I’m so proud of her,” said Andrea, with tears in her eyes.

Between medical expenses and frequent travel to San Francisco for treatment, the family is in need of community support.

Next week, Bevs Real Kids in Eureka will be holding a bake sale fundraiser for the Faith. Details can be found here:

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