Guitar Class Helps In The Recovery Of Those With Brain Injuries


EUREKA – The Making Headway Center in Eureka is stimulating the minds of those recovering from brain injuries, in a musical way.

Tuesday we stopped by to see one of the Center’s rehabilitation activities – guitar class.

The program is intended to help those overcoming brain injuries, and requires a medical referral.

Playing an instrument is an activity that uses both sides of the brain simultaneously, and can help rebuild motor skills and strengthen neuropathways.

“These folks are my heroes,” said guitar teacher, Jeffrey Smoller, “They’re here because they want to be here. They’re here because they want to help recover and help build their brains. And the best part of this class, it’s very moving, is everyone helps each other. It’s fantastic. Again, they’re my heroes, and they rock.”

To find out more about the Making Headway Center and their programs, you can find them online