A Journey To End Polio Stops By Eureka


EUREKA – District 5130 Rotary Club is on the 3ed day of their 6 day ride from Crescent City to Petaluma to end Polio.

The team stopped in Eureka for an hour on Tuesday, to rest and eat lunch. They average 55 miles a day with a celebration at the finish in Petluma.

This rotary clubs district governor, Bob Roger, was one of the many children affected by Polio as a child.

When the rotary club took this on in 1985 there were 350,000 children a year diagnosed with Polio, this year there has only been 8 cases reported. But the club isn’t stopping yet, their goal is to make Polio the second virus eliminated from the face of the earth.

If you would like to donate to their cause please visit their website at https://www.rotary.org/

For every dollar donated the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will donate two.