Humboldt State University goes tobacco-free

ARCATA – Tobacco smokers at Humboldt State University will have to take to smoking elsewhere.

As of Friday, Humboldt State’s smoking ban takes effect.

They will be joining 23 other California State University campuses making the tobacco-free transition, by the order of the CSU Chancellor’s Office.
The policy will prohibit cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and includes e-cigarettes and vapor devices.

Their goal is to make CSU schools safer and healthier environments to learn.

“I think a lot of students do smoke and there’s going to be a lot of opposition to it. I’m kind of excited for it. When I first came to this school as a freshman I noticed that there were a lot of smoking areas that you have to walk through to get to the other side of campus and having asthma that really affects me personally,” said Humboldt State student, Morgan Kipf, “I think it will have a positive impact on our campus. I will feel a lot more comfortable.”

Humboldt State says they will create a task force to guide the campus through the transition process of ridding tobacco-smoking.