“To Build Confidence and to Move Forward”: Upward Bound Funded for Another 5 Years

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- Since 1965 TRiO Upward Bound has been helping high school students in Humboldt and Trinity counties to attend and graduate from college. 

“To build confidence and to move forward,” That’s how the program director, Jen Dyke describes the program.

Upward Bound serves students who face an economic or other educational disadvantage. Students are given resources for applying to college and financial aid. They’re also able to attend summer programs that mimic college life, helping to ensure more successful adjustment for kids as they move into a higher education institution.

“It’s an opportunity to access college. To learn how to pay for college, to be successful in college, to learn how to apply to college, and ultimately, graduate from college.” Dyke explains. 

The program will now operate for another five years, as it’s just been announced the Humboldt State University branch received a $1.25 million extension grant. 

This is good news for children attending one of six target high schools. It’s also a big moment for Director Dyke, to whom this program has special meaning. 

“I am a product of the Upward Bound program, this particular Upward Bound Program at Humboldt State. I was recruited out of Trinity High School over thirty years ago by some pretty amazing people.” She recalls, “It’s important to me to give back, to pay it forward and continue providing an opportunity for students like me and others to have access to go to college.”

To find out if you or your child is eligible to take part in Upward Bound, you can visit http://www2.humboldt.edu/trioupwardbound/qual.html