Humboldt County Jail holds parenting classes for inmates

EUREKA – The Humboldt County Jail is hosting a parenting class for inmates.

They estimate that over 50% of their inmates are parents themselves.

The program started with the female inmates in June, and Wednesday began another class with the men.

Instructor Rose Baker, a mother and longtime foster parent, says that often, these inmates have to overcome years of experiencing physical, verbal and sexual abuse done to them as children.

She teaches the class with a goal of imparting healthy parenting skills through love and logic.

“The feedback from them to me in class has been exciting. They are saying themselves they wish they would have known this when they were younger,” said Baker, “They wish they had been parented that way themselves. I’m very excited about that, I feel that they’ll get something from it so that when they get out they’ll be able to carry on and they’re always welcome to continue class.”

To find out more about these parenting classes that are also offered to the public: