Humboldt State students start petition for more vegan options

ARCATA – Students at Humboldt State University have started a petition to bring more vegan food to campus.

The petition was started by a student who says the university is lacking in vegan options and wants the school to make 30-50% of all the foods served on campus vegan or have vegan alternatives.

Vegan means the food has no animal products – including meat, eggs, dairy or fish.

The diet has become more common for health, environmental and ethical reasons.

University Center Executive Director, Dave Nakamura, says HSU does a lot for vegetarians and vegans already – offering Meatless Mondays and a vegetarian station.

“Part of the reasons that we did Meatless Mondays was that we wanted to promote vegetarianism and veganism as a way of adding to the efforts of the campus for sustainability. We try to provide a variety of food for a wide variety of people so part of our challenge is being able to meet the needs of all those people,” explained Nakamura, “So I would say that we’re always trying to improve and certainly improve and they can come and talk to us directly about ways that we can help them.”

The petition has 78 signatures since this article was posted and can be found, here: