Yellow rose tattoos: Humboldt County locals can get inked for a cause

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- Would you get inked for charity? Jeremy LaFlamme, a tattoo artist at NorCal Tatto, is giving you the option. LaFlamme recently got his needle buzzing, completing yellow rose tattoos for $100 each.  The money he makes goes straight to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The cause is close to LaFlamme’s heart. His mother and sister lost more than half of their homes near Houston when Harvey struck. More than five feet of water filled his parent’s house, and insurance hasn’t been much help in covering the cost of the damages.

While the tattoo artist is busy at NorCal by day, his art takes a different shape at night. On Fridays he teaches an acrylic painting class at Humboldt Honey Wine Meadery. After hearing about his parent’s situation, the owners of the venue made LaFlamme an offer.

Why not set aside the proceeds from one class to help his family through the hardship of the hurricane? Noting that the yellow rose is a dominant symbol for the Lone Star State, picking a subject matter was easy.

On Friday night at 6, the class at Humboldt Honey Wine will learn to paint roses. Their money will help the instructor’s family to recover and rebuild. Meanwhile, LaFlamme continues to offer $100 yellow rose tattoos, saying, “I just think its super awesome that people in the community are willing to help out, even somebody they don’t even really know.”