Grant Elementary Read-A-Thon raises more than $2500 for Helena Fire Relief

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) – Students at Grant Elementary School in Eureka have raised more than $2,500 for survivors of the Helena fire in Trinity County. Thursday, the school sponsored a ‘Read-A-Thon.’ Each student asked parents and friends to ‘sponsor’ their participation with a small donation. Then the kids spent at least thirty minutes at school reading or being read to.

“If each child brought five dollars,” Carla Krauss, the teacher who organized the fundraiser explained, “That’s $1500.”
So the goal was to raise fifteen hundred dollars, but the students were able to do bring in much more than that. One class alone brought nearly $500 to school. That money will go, in its entirety, to the Trinity County Fire Relief Fund.
“It’s incredible, and I think it speaks to the amazing generosity of Eureka and Humboldt County,” Senator Mike McGuire said. He stopped by the school and handed out popsicles to the class that raised the most money, Ms. Krauss’ class. “When neighbors are in need, the community rallies.”
“It’s great when you see the kids following in their parent’s footsteps and helping out as senator McGuire said, somebody in need.” First District Supervisor, Rex Bohn said, “The kids over in Trinity County and the families over there, this helps us give them a chance… make the transition to normalcy a little bit easier as they go forward.”
Bohn was just one of the community members that volunteered to help Grant students read. Senator McGuire took his turn reading to Ms. Krauss’ class. Earlier Thursday morning, members of the Humboldt State Men’s Basketball team visited as well lending their voices to titles like “Pete the Cat” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”
The fundraiser, according to Coach Steve Kinder was an opportunity for the men to show community spirit, inspire local youth, and even explore possible career opportunities (as some of the students took rather well to the players, demanding that they read not just one, but several story books).
In addition to the pledge money gathered from students, donations were also dropped off at the school by community members. The funds went straight to the Trinity County Fire Relief Fund. A link to donate can be found here: