Gun drawn during marijuana sale leads to chase, crash

GARBERVILLE – A gun is drawn during a marijuana deal and escalates into a chase and crash.

A Garberville man and his friend were meeting with two men at Sherwood Forest Motel on Sunday for a ‘large’ marijuana sale.

During this interaction, one of those two men pulled out a handgun, taking the marijuana.

Before leaving, the suspects zip tied the victims’ hand behind their backs.

One freed himself and rushed out to chase them in his car.

The suspects were driving a silver Chevy Malibu the wrong way on the northbound off ramp to Garberville when they collided head on with the victim.

Despite this, the suspects took off again and the chase continued through downtown Garberville.

When the victim caught up next to them on Highway 101, the suspects allegedly pointed a handgun at him again.

He dove down in his seat, and both vehicles crashed.

The two suspects were last seen running westbound from Highway 101 with two large duffel bags.

They’re described as African American, between 5’7’’ and 6’0’’, 225-250 pounds, in their 30s and wearing all black.

These men should be considered armed and dangerous.

If you see them, stay away and call 911.