Fire officials remind you to heat your home safely

NORTH COAST – As temperatures begin to lower now is the time to get your heating appliances ready for winter.
Fire officials say that heaters, fireplaces and wood stoves should be cleaned and inspected for proper functioning. Even dust built up since last winter can ignite and spread.
Humboldt Bay Fire Battalion Chief Chris Emmons said the department responds numerous times each year for fires caused when combustibles like clothing or furniture are left too close to vents.
One of the biggest ways to keep your home safe, always have a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.
Humboldt Bay Fire Battalion Chief Chris Emmons, “when anything burns it produces Carbon Monoxide. That’s normal. However if it’s not burning efficiently it can create excessive amounts of Carbon Monoxide. which are poisonous and they can cause illness and or death if the levels got high enough, so that’s why all places are required to have them if they have fuel fired appliances.”