Stand-Down serves veterans in Humboldt County this weekend

Ferndale, Ca., (KIEM) – Keeping promises and giving back to those who were willing to give all for freedom and security: that’s the purpose of Humboldt County’s annual stand-down, at the fairgrounds in Ferndale.

Doctors, dentists, barbers, and lawyers, were all on hand to help veterans with any needs they might have, but the stand down is more than a bunch of booths and a hot meal for those who’ve served.

“Most people in our society really don’t understand where we’re coming from, and you can’t expect them to. No one knows about the horrors of war, until you experience it unfortunately.” Eugene Womack, an Army veteran and member of the Mad River Honor Guard said. “So it’s nice for us to get to gather with one another and establish friendships and relationships that we usually carry on for the rest of our lives.”

Womak served as a door gunner in the Vietnam War, spending his last 11 months in the service with the army band. He’s now a bugler with the honor and says he hopes more veterans will come out for the stand down as it continues through Saturday and Sunday.