Cannabis District Approved in Rio Dell

Rio Dell, Ca., (KIEM)- It’s a “one-stop-shop” for marijuana (and cannabis) production, manufacturing, and retail and it’s going up parallel to US 101 where the Eel River Sawmill used to be.

The Rio Dell Planning Commission has approved the construction of the 50,000 acre Humboldt- Rio Dell Business Park. “This is a record level of development for the city,” City Manager Kyle Knopp said about the plan.

With a main focus on manufacturing, but space for everything from a research and development lab to hemp collection clothing and coffee bistros, the business center will be a major hub for all things cannabis in Humboldt County.

The site, which is adjacent to the US 101 has the potential to be a primere facility not just for Rio Dell or Humboldt County but for the region.” Knopp says. The spot is b

etween Rio Dell proper and the city of Fortuna, removed from residential areas.

In November of 2016 Rio Dell voters were asked about their thoughts on the business park.

53.41% said they approved of the concept.