Crash into FBI, Cal Fire facilities in Fortuna considered intentional

FORTUNA – While still under investigation, law enforcement officers are calling a crash into an FBI office building and a neighboring Cal Fire facility in Fortuna intentional.

The major damage has been fixed since the incident took place early Wednesday.

41-year-old Eric Naumann was driving a Honda SUV when he ran into the front doors of the Preston Centre on Fortuna Boulevard where some FBI offices are located, just before ramming through multiple gates and also hitting the Cal Fire building next door.

Suspect Naumann was from Oregon and was staying at a campground in Willow Creek.

Officers explained Naumann was mentally unstable and say that he thought he was being followed when he committed the crime.

There were no injuries, but Naumann was arrested and booked into jail for felony vandalism.

“The Preston Centre is working on doing more to not allow direct access to vehicles like that,” explained Sergeant Jason Kadle with the Fortuna Police Department, “Most buildings like that have barricades from allowing vehicles to access the front doors. However, for this individual, it didn’t really matter – he drove through locked gates.”