EPD offers crime-free business training

EUREKA – Eureka entrepreneurs learned how to improve their business’s safety at a special training Thursday.
“An informed business owner is a safer business owner,” said retired Crime Prevention Specialist Kathy Cassel, “and an informed business owner is one that is taking action to not only increase their information over time but practice that every day because you can’t prevent all crime. You absolutely can’t but much crime is opportunistic.”
Retired crime prevention specialist Kathy Cassel shared a range of tools to make businesses safer, including how lighting can deter theft to using landscaping to prevent people from sleeping on a property.
Cassell stressed the importance of developing a relationship with local law enforcement.
And EPD Chief Steve Watson spoke of the three elements of a crime, the offender, the victim and the location.
Chief Watson said, “It’s hard to control the offender side of the crime triangle but we do have much more influence especially as a private citizen on the victim side and the location side. If you can make some changes there, some smart changes the practical easy to implement changes, you can make a difference.”