Filling the “Christmas Box”: Collecting donations for fire victims

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Like a giant red Christmas present, a trailer belonging to Humboldt Towing is making its way from spot to spot in Eureka. The purpose of the trailer for now is to drum up some advertisement. Humboldt Towing is sponsoring a toy drive for children affected by fires earlier this year.

Donations of new, unwrapped Christmas presents can be dropped off during business hours at Humboldt Towing for children ages 0-12. The company’s owner, Wanda Hoffman says she’s also accepting gift cards to distribute. If you don’t like to shop but want to donate cash or a check, Hoffman says that is fine as well.

“[People] in Humboldt County have donated so much, but Christmas is a big deal, so I wanted to give them a smile for Christmas. We said, it’s a Christmas present, so let’s make it look like a present because this is what’s going down there Christmas Eve.” Says Hoffman.
The trailer will be filled for delivery on Christmas Eve.