High winds create hazards for drivers, fire agencies

EUREKA – Wednesday night’s wind storm kept Humboldt Bay Fire busy.
The wind was strong enough to knock down this sign at AT&T on Broadway. And that was just one of the hazards crews dealt with.
In a fifteen minute period, engines responded to three calls for lines down in roadways, and a redwood tree branch brought down another line behind the track at Eureka High’s Albee Stadium. Firefighters said they could hear the high voltage line humming from a hundred feet away.
No one was in immediate danger and it has since been repaired. Humboldt Bay Fire advises anyone who encounters downed lines while on foot to keep your distance. If in a car, the best advice is to stay put.
Battalion Chief Sean Robertson said, “Even if you think you’re a 100% sure it’s not an electrical line, you do not know if that line has fallen at some other point down or upstream and may be energized by being in contact with power lines so the best thing to do is to stay in your vehicle until help arrives.”