Local crab season open dates may be uncertain

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Commercial crabbing has begun south of Mendocino County, but when will Humboldt see fisherman dropping their pots? The season should open in December, but it could be delayed for quality control purposes.

“This year it looks like the quality is going to take a little while to fill out. The way the process works for quality delay is they test the crabs around the first of November. They’ve already done that. The test came back significantly lighter than it needs to be.” Humboldt Bay based commercial fisherman Aaron Newman says.
The amount of actual “meat recovered” is what’s monitored. “It needs to be 25%, ours were at 18% on average. We’re ruled by nature not just weather.” Newman explains.
Quality standards are important for the industry, but they could mean crab boats won’t push off until mid to late January.
“There are a lot of variables to this game. We’re used to it though. Most people expect crab season to not go off to a smooth start.” Newman says.