Dredging falls short of goal, City of Eureka already planning for next year

EUREKA – City of Eureka’s dredging of Humboldt Bay fell short of its goal.
The dredging cycle could have opened on July 15th, but it took months of wrangling with local, state and federal agencies to secure permits for the project. When it got underway nearly two months later, the city aimed to remove about 55,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Public Marina, Coast Guard slip and boat launch.
Crews pulled about 36,000 cubic yards or 2/3 of the goal.
Parks and Recreation Director Miles Slattery said that was largely due to the late start and less efficient equipment required by regulators.
Slattery said the project used about $700,000 of its $1 million dollar budget. The remainder will be earmarked for next year’s dredging cycle.
“At least from the standpoint of the people that are in the marina, there are a lot more spaces available,” Slattery said. “It’s navigable and then for the general public, the boat launch is free and clear and will be fully accessible at all tides.”