Meeting the Need: Traffic Kicks up at Food Banks ahead of Turkey Day

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Food for People serves about 12,000 people a month on the North Coast, working out of 17 local pantries. The organization strives to end hunger by keeping local donations in Humboldt County. The week of Thanksgiving, holiday meals become a focus for many families. It’s also a time when funds can get tight. Traffic at the food bank increases substantially.

“This year we ran out of turkeys.” Bob Holcomb, a volunteer with Food for People explains. Holcomb is retired, and says volunteering gives him a sense of purpose (even on the days when he’s feeling tired or worn thin). Donations are appreciated all year round, but this week workers like Bob distribute cranberry juice and stuffing beside staples like bread and peanut butter.

The volunteer coordinator Philip Anzada says the pantry in Eureka is accepting drop-in volunteers, though he still asks them to e-mail ahead ( The food bank, he explains often relies heavily on students who give their time. Students, who leave on vacation during the holidays.

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