A Trinidad Tradition: community gathers for the Blessing of the Fleet

Trinidad, Ca., (KIEM)- Thousands of Americans think turkey when they think about Thanksgiving, but in Trinidad its all about the crab. Or crab fleet rather…

The thoughts and prayers of this fishing community come together by the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, as they have for the last 22 years. Since the community decided to kick off crab season with an invocation, their crab fleet hasn’t seen a single at sea fatality.

This year Axel Lindgren III delivered a Yurok blessing, asking the crowd to face North, South, East and West to spread the power of the traditional prayer far and wide.

Just before Lindgren began his prayer, the Coast Guard sponsored a fly over. This year, fisherman made clear how thankful they are for the efforts of the men and women at our local air station, and their role in keeping everyone safe at sea.

Dedication at Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse

Dana Hope served as officiant this year. She commented on the way the clouds parted for the event, allowing the community to come together in sunny weather to support the men and women who bring in the bounty of the sea.

Crab season’s official start may be delayed because of meat recovery rates in crab, but the fisherman are ready to take to the water. This morning, the crowd gathered to say thank you, and to pray together for a safe season. At the end of the ceremony, each fisherman was given a ‘talisman’ for good luck at sea. This year, they were given baseball caps with their boat’s name embroidered on the back. The sailors were also given crab shaped cookies, another Trinidad tradition.

This year’s Blessing Committee included Marge O’Brien (who started the event more than two decades ago), Susan Rotwein, Greta Daniels, Kim Adams, Lisa Espejo and Marna Powell.