Eureka’s CAPE program looking to expand as a non-profit

EUREKA – Eureka’s Parks and Recreation Division wants to grow a successful city program by turning it in to a non-profit organization.
The Community Access Project for Eureka better known as CAPE has offered educational and vocational programming for disadvantaged youth and raised $40,000 since forming in 2015.
Parks and Rec is seeking a non-profit designation in order to access state and federal grant funding. Division Director Miles Slattery said that could mean an expansion of the program’s scope to include much needed park maintenance and upgrades.
Slattery said, “We can use that non-profit to secure funding to make fixes to the parks because of the state of the general fund and our inability to have funding locally to fix those things, so we think that this will be a big benefit to Parks and Rec so that we can fix some of our facilities that need help.”