Learning more about closure of Eureka Pediatrics

EUREKA – We’re hearing more from the doctors at Eureka Pediatrics after they announced their closure plan and why they say rural medicine is in trouble due to the state’s policies.
In November, Eureka Pediatrics announced the office would dissolve by the end of the year, but providers say the problem began in 2013. That’s when California altered reimbursement procedures for rural health providers that accepted the state’s Partnership Health Plan.
Dr. Poyen said more than half of Eureka Pediatrics’ 10,000 patients used Partnership, and the practice made good faith efforts to submit accurate reimbursement amounts.
In spite of those efforts, Eureka Pediatrics was overpaid for three years in amounts ranging from $70,000 to $190,000. Then in December of 2016, the state demanded repayment in full at 7% interest.
That combined with the departure of two pediatricians and an inability to recruit replacements left the practice unable to see enough clients to cover the debt payments.
Dr. Poyen said Eureka Pediatrics did not seek to be overpaid and wanted to return the money, but added that the quick time frame and interest payments were crippling, leading to the decision to close.
For more on what’s next for Eureka Pediatrics’ providers and where you may be able to seek care, follow this link to our story on the closure plan: http://kiem-tv.com/2017/12/01/providers-stay-area-eureka-pediatrics-closes-december-31/