RV park on Eureka’s waterfront moving forward

EUREKA – City council approved the development of an RV park on the Eureka Waterfront.
The only proposal submitted for eleven acres at the end of T Street calls for a 44-unit RV park.
It also outlines a second phase of development on the other side of Samoa Bridge with retail and possible residential uses along with a hotel.
When asked why the city is looking to sell rather than lease the property, Parks and Recreation Director Miles Slattery said that given the amount of investment needed for the parcel, it would be highly unlikely to find a developer willing to come on board without ownership.
Slattery went on to say that selling the property would also decrease the city’s maintenance costs and generate $15,000 to $25,000 for the harbor fund that’s been running a deficit for years.
At Tuesday night’s council meeting, one community member said she paid $50,000 more for her property because of the bay views and wanted them preserved. Another raised concerns about sea level rise impacting the development.
Council members called for action after so many other ideas including a hotel and public pool fell through.
City Manager Greg Sparks said, “I don’t think the RV park was a concern to the neighbors and those who came to the council meeting. I think the bigger unknown is what will this potential mixed use development will look like. At this point it’s just a concept drawing that was in the proposal so in a few years from now that will go through planning commission process and design review that type of thing. So just because the city sold the land doesn’t mean the developer gets carte blanche on what to do.”
After nearly an hour of discussion council unanimously approved the twenty year lease agreement with an option to purchase. Council member Allison was absent.