Watch Like a Hawk: Falcon Flyway ‘Safe Route’ unveiled at Zane Middle School

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- The ribbon is cut for a new safe route to school. The “Falcon Flyway” was designed by students at Zane Middle School in Eureka. The middle schoolers used maps and photographs to identify the best paths from nearby neighborhoods to the campus. Art students designed a logo for the flyway. Now, signs and window clings bearing that design can go up in front yards, house windows and on vehicles around the school.

The idea is motorists will see the image and be reminded to drive more cautiously. Empowering middle school students to take on the route and logo design doubled as an opportunity to encourage healthful behaviors like walking and biking. It also pushed students to engage with the community at large.

“It’s a relief,” Tyler Petrusha explained. Petrusha was one of the project’s student leaders, he also helped cut the ribbon. He says he and his friends hear a lot about accidents on and around S Street. It worries them. His goal in participating was to help create a safer community for all of his peers.

More designs that one were submitted for the official markers of the ‘Falcon Flyway.’ All of those designs will be on display throughout the month of December at the Eureka Main Library.

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