Remembering Pearl Harbor and the impacts of World War 2 in Humboldt County

EUREKA – 76 years ago Thursday Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killing more than 2,400 Americans and igniting a war that led to the loss of 156 Humboldt County service members
The Clarke Museum says Humboldt County had already organized a civil defense when Japan attacked. From fifty-five volunteer-run air raid warning posts to rationing of food and gas to the ‘Lighter Than Air’ blimp base in Manila, no aspect of life was untouched by the war.
Clarke Museum Director and Curator Ben Brown said the entire county community rallied in support of the effort.
“Humboldt County really was on the frontlines,” Brown said. “The community rallied. Everybody took part in the war. It really was a unified outlook on taking this on collectively so much different than today. World War 2 everybody was impacted. Everybody knew someone who was fighting overseas and everybody wanted to do their part.”