New Chief of Police Appointed in Rio Dell

Rio Dell, Ca., (KIEM)- Rio Dell has been searching for a new police chief since August, today Jeff Conner has been appointed to the position. Serving Rio Dell as a law enforcement officer since 1993 (when he started patrols under then chief Rick Shipley), Connor is a UC Berkeley Graduate. In 2002 he went to work for Humboldt County, but stayed on with the police department in a reserve capacity. In total he has more than 24 years of experience in law enforcement.

City manager Kyle Knopp says he believes Connor is uniquely suited to fill the position, ““The demands upon the position of the Chief of Police are great even though this is a small city and small department. Jeff Conner has demonstrated his thoughtful character, enthusiasm and has a respect for and understanding of this community. He is ready for the challenge.”

Mayor Frank Wilson says, “It is important that Rio Dell maintain its own police force. I’m very happy to have Mr. Conner aboard to help move the department forward.”

A special confirmation of Jeff Connor’s appointment will take place tonight at 4:00 p.m. in Rio Dell. He’ll be sworn in formally in January.