“Best in the West”: Eureka Named a “Game-Changer” by Sunset Magazine

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)-  You could say Eureka and Sunset Magazine go way back. 1911 back. That’s the year that Jack London visited the North Coast Town to write a cover story for the periodical, according to the Marketing Director at the Eureka Visitor’s Bureau, Richard Stenger.

Since then, Eureka has been no stranger to accolades from the publication. The February 2018 issue ranked the sea port city second only to Sacramento as the most “Game-Changing Place to Live in the West.”

A link to Sunset article can be found here:  https://www.sunset.com/travel/travel-tips/best-small-towns-to-live-in#eureka-ca-old-town

Eureka is praised in the popular publication’s article for its number of artists per capita, proximity to the redwoods and 18th century architecture. That’s not all. The North Coast town is also given credit for foresight in waterfront restoration and the installation of the 6-mile pedestrian trail.

Stenger says there’s usually a boost in tourism after articles like these are published. Sunset magazine is one of the most read periodicals in the west, with more than a million subscribers.