Annual Humboldt Ice Rink seeks new organizers, future uncertain

FORTUNA, CA. – Folks from all over the North Coast flock to Fortuna to skate across the Humboldt Ice Rink during the holidays, but its future is uncertain.

Over the past three years the annual ice rink has popped up for skaters near and wide to enjoy – becoming a Humboldt tradition.

While their organizers goal is to one day see the opening of a permanent rink and sports center, for now they say they need to pass along the torch.

One prospective group looking to take over the responsibility for running the yearly rink is the Humboldt Timberwolves hockey club, but that isn’t set in stone.

Current Humboldt Ice Rink director, Nicole Genaro, said, “It’s definitely something that people in the community want, they’re using, they’re really excited about it. When we have had people come and say we heard the rinks not going to be open anymore, it’s been really sad for them. So there is that push to definitely keep it.”