Family Dog Prevents Tragedy: Alerts Eureka Homeowner to Fire

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)-¬†Animals are extraordinary, and one Eureka home owner’s Saturday morning might have ended differently if it wasn’t for their family dog.

Just after 6:30 Saturday morning Humboldt Bay Fire Crews responded to a home on Little Fairfield Street in Eureka. When fire fighters got on scene, they found a female resident on the front lawn, struggling for breath after inhaling smoke. Inside the home, the source of the smoke was a small stove fire.

One of the residents was trying to put out the fire when first responders arrived, and told fire fighters he had fallen asleep after he’s been cooking most of the morning. Once the flames were out, Humboldt Bay crews learned the house had no smoke detectors. So what woke the family?

Their pet. The dog woke the residents, who then worked to put out what crews say could have been a much larger fire. More than $5,000 in property damage was done, and fire crews want to remind home owners to check their smoke detectors to prevent loss of property and life.