Eureka cleared to board up Squires-owned property, all tenants relocated

EUREKA – A Humboldt Superior Court judge will not prevent the City of Eureka from boarding up and vacating a property owned by Floyd and Betty Squires this Monday.
The Squires were not in court Friday as their attorney Brad Floyd argued for a temporary restraining order against the City of Eureka.
The city is set to board up the couple’s fifteen-unit residential building at 833 H Street after inspectors found hazardous wiring that threatened tenants’ safety.
Judge Reinholtsen didn’t address the condition of the building. Instead, he was interested in whether or not Squires and the city were complying with a previous agreement reached in September.
Reinholtsen said there was nothing before him that would cause him to issue a restraining order. He did request a copy of the transcript from September to determine if either party is violating a court order. A hearing to review that transcript is scheduled for next Friday.
The city argues that the closure is a result of the Squires failing to maintain the building. The Squires attorney said the couple have spent $20,000 dollars since November to repair electrical wiring.
City officials say they recognize that the relocation is an inconvenience and have already paid $2,000 to each affected unit. As of Friday afternoon all of the tenants have somewhere to go.
Boarding up is scheduled for Monday.