Social Justice Summit: activists gather at Humboldt State to discuss community issues

ARCATA, CA. – “Infusing justice with healing and imagination” – that’s how organizers describe Humboldt State’s 24th Annual Social Justice Summit that kicked off Friday.

The evening’s activities included speakers focusing on social justice topics, as well as a viewing of a documentary called ‘Unsolved Hate’ – focused on the story of Josiah Lawson – a former Humboldt State student who was killed in a stabbing at a party on April 15 of last year.

The Justice for Josiah movement continues to press investigators to push further.

Humboldt State University’s Multicultural Center heads up this event.

This year with the theme: “Who Am I?: Back To Our Roots.”

We spoke with organizers who explained what that means.

“‘Who am I?’ comes from understanding who you are and understanding that we live in a place that is not very welcoming to everybody. It’s nice to know who you are so you can just be who you are, and it doesn’t matter if other people want to judge you,” explained Deema Hindawi, co-organizer of the summit.

“I chose ‘Back To Our Roots’ because because Deema’s question hit me hard as well because I feel like in today’s society we grow up not knowing who we are and we’re disconnected from everything else around us. So for me, it takes us back to a time where we were connected to the Earth around us, the water that we have, the food that we have,” added Elizabeth Phillips, co-organizer.

“It’s branching out and seeing that you can make a difference in the world. Everyone has power. Everyone can be an activist in their own sense,” said Hindawi.

“Everything that we are, that we do, it has power in itself. So people should come out to the Social Justice Summit because it’s not just for one group of people,” concluded Phillips.

The Social Justice Summit continues throughout the day Saturday until 6PM, with dozens of workshops featuring topics ranging from disability activism, self-care, creative expression and more, and wraps up Monday with keynote speakers.

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Parking will be free throughout the day for the event on Saturday.