Fortuna Police Lieutenant testifies at Goldberg trial

Eureka- A Fortuna police lieutenant said he supervised the investigation of the shooting death of a Fortuna firefighter, Tim smith. Jon Goldberg is accused of that shooting.

In court Friday, lieutenant Matthew Eberhardt said he coordinated the investigation of the fatal shooting on Rohnerville road in Fortuna.

Goldberg is alleged to have shot smith over a dispute involving Goldberg’s wife.

The police lieutenant said he searched the red pick-up truck found at the smith home but found no weapons. He also testified that he did not take names of the officers helping with the investigation at the scene.

Meanwhile a computer expert described text messages recovered from the phone of Tim Smith’s wife, Jessica Springer. They contained nude photos of Jon Goldberg’s wife, Rachel.

Police investigators say the shooting stemmed from an alleged love affair between Rachel Goldberg and Tim Smith.

The trial continues Monday.