Woman Rushes to Fire House After Being Stabbed in Eureka

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Just after 8 Sunday morning, a woman was stabbed in Downtown Eureka according to Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Chris Emmons. She managed to walk to Humboldt Bay Fire Station 1 on the corner of 6th and C Streets.

“It occurred during our shift change,” he explained. “A firefighter was actually out front putting up the flags. He heard a lady screaming. She walked into the apparatus bay dripping blood.” Emmons said that he didn’t know exactly where the incident occurred.

He did say that she told the firefighters that “she and her man had been assaulted in downtown.” He explained that the woman was stabbed in the shoulder. “It was a pretty significant injury,” he said. “There was a trail of blood up our front ramp.”

According to Emmons, Eureka Police were searching for the male half of the incident and the assaulter. We’ll update when we know more.