Del Norte residents express anger over channel blackout

CRESCENT CITY- Upset customers, a state senator and several local lawmakers are expressing anger and concern tonight about our programming being off the Spectrum cable system in Del Norte county.

We were at a conference in Crescent City Friday where several people expressed concerns about the situation.

Spectrum, which is owned by cable giant, Charter, is refusing to negotiate with us to return our programming to its system. Right now, our channel is black.

State Senator┬áMike McGuire told us he’s heard from many angry Spectrum customers. He’s particularly concerned viewers are not receiving local news, weather and sports.

One upset viewer told us he’s filed a complaint with the FCC about Spectrum. Del Norte Supervisor Bob Berkowitz didn’t mince words about Spectrum.

“Our people are being held hostage by Charter because they are paying good money for programming that they’re not getting, and I think it’s a horrible situation because that should not happen to local people.”

We’ve been off Spectrum since January, due to the company’s refusal to negotiate new retransmission terms with us. if you’d like to sound off on the situation, call us at (707) 443-3123.