Measure Z Citizens’ Advisory Committee to consider funding applications

EUREKA, CA. – Applications are in, and now the Measure Z Citizens’ Advisory Committee is sorting through dozens of requests for tax money.

Measure Z is a half-cent sales tax Humboldt County voters approved in 2014, focused on supporting public safety and essential services.

According to Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal, about forty applications from a range of community organizations are throwing their name in the hat for funding.

On Thursday, the Measure Z Citizens’ Advisory Committee, along with other members of the public, will sift through these applications and hands pick their top choices.

From those, the Board will prioritize which to fund – depending on how well they meet the goals of the measure – to make Humboldt safer, and benefit the community.

“What is truly the priority?” asked Sheriff Honsal, “We have Measure Z coming up this next year on the November ballot. It’s going to be vital for us to have that accountability in place to make sure that all the money dedicated for these types of activities are spent for public safety, roads and essential services. If we don’t make sure it’s being properly spent, then this tax measure is probably not going to get renewed.”

All Humboldt County residents are invited to the meeting Thursday afternoon starting at 2:00 in the Board Chambers of the Humboldt County Courthouse.