Goldberg Guilty: Verdict Delivered in Tim Smith Murder Trial

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- The sheriff present, and a crowd in the courtroom Jon Goldberg awaited the delivery of a verdict that will change his life. His neck slowly reddening, his attorney placing a hand on his back in support, the Bridgeville resident would listen as each juror confirmed their decision in turn.

Jon Goldberg has been found guilty of second degree murder. The jury would also find that Goldberg used a fire arm in the commission of a felony. This after more than six weeks in trial, and just two days of deliberation.

In September of 2016, Goldberg shot and killed Tim Smith. Smith was a volunteer fire fighter and Fortuna resident. During the course of the trial, an affair between the victim and Goldberg’s wife would be a central point the prosecution made. The attorneys for the people arguing that that motive would help fuel the crime that saw them delivering closing arguments earlier this week.

Goldberg also faced charges for assaulting with a firearm, and brandishing a firearm against his wife. The jury would find Goldberg not guilty of those allegations.

Having waived the right to be sentenced by the judge who presided over his trial, Goldberg now awaits sentencing. That hearing should be set in the next four to six weeks.