Spectrum subscribers angry with channel blackout

CRESCENT CITY- We’re receiving more calls and emails from Spectrum Cable subscribers — angry and frustrated — that our programming is still off that system.

We’ve told you how the huge cable company dropped our channels with only minutes notice to our owner, northwest broadcasting.

And it appears Spectrum customers in Crescent City and nearby areas had no warning.

We’re trying to negotiate to return programming, but the cable company isn’t talking.

Officials in Crescent City say they hope pressure from customers and lawmakers might get Spectrum to negotiate.

“I hope our congressmen and state senator, put some pressure on getting these negotiations because both sides say it’s the other ones fault. I did talk to the CEO of Northwest Broadcasting which is the owner of NBC and CBS and he was very polite and very courteous.” said Del Norte Economic Development Director Elli Naffah. “I’m hoping something gets done because Charter is a big company and has a lot of money. I’m hoping that they don’t just try to hold out as long as they can.”

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