Tsunami Preparedness Week

EUREKA- Monday marks the beginning of an important week for all of us living on the North Coast.

It’s the start of Tsunami Preparedness Week. On Wednesday, Humboldt County will practice its emergency alert procedures, in the event of a tsunami caused by an earthquake.

From 11am until noon, Humboldt County and the National Weather Service will test the tsunami warning and communications systems. During this time, the emergency alert system will be activated and you’ll see a test warning on television and radio stations. Some people may hear sirens, others may receive phone calls.

Again, this is just a test but emergency officials say it’s a good time to review your preparedness and evacuation plan with your family. A real tsunami warning means there’s been a major earthquake, and ground that is normally not covered in water, may be flooded. In which case, you should evacuate to a safe area, immediately.

Tuesday on News Channel 3 at 5, we’ll sit down with National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist, Ryan Aylward, who will bring more information and safety tips on the topic.