Spectrum customers told to buy antenna to watch programming

CRESCENT CITY- We’re hearing from more customers of Spectrum cable in Del Norte County who say they’ve been told to put up antennas to receive our programming.

News Channel 3’s programming — including our news –and programming from our sister station, KVIQ, has been off the Spectrum system for weeks. Spectrum isn’t talking to us about returning our programming and customers are frustrated. Customers tell us Spectrum has given them little information too — but says if they want to see us — buy an antenna.

“I want to see my local news,” said Del Norte Supervisor Roger Gitlin. “I don’t know why but there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of people in Del Norte County that can’t simply put up an antenna and get the kind of quality programming that we expect and pay for.”

Spectrum has also pulled the signal of Northwest Broadcasting stations in several cities across the nation. We’d like to know what you think about the situation. Call us at (707)443-3123, email us at news@redwoodnews.tv, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.