Suing Major Opioid Producers: Del Norte County Joins the Fight

Crescent City, Ca., (KIEM)- Joining 30 counties from across the state: this week Del Norte county announces they too are going after major opioid producers– demanding accountability for the nation-wide epidemic.

The suit names Jannssen Pharmaceuticals a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, Endo Health Solutions, and Purdue Pharma, among several others.

The California Opioid Consortium represents 10.5 million California residents. They are demanding manufacturers pay legal damages for tax-payer money spent on providing social services (in the wake of addiction).

As a plantiff in the case, Del Norte County also names big drug distributors for violating the controlled substances act – by failing to report suspicious opioid shipments to pharmacies.

Humboldt County joined the consortium earlier this year. Del Norte has retained the law firm Baron and Budd to represent public interest in seeking abatement.