Crescent City K9 Helps Crack-Down on Alleged Cocaine Dealers

Crescent City, Ca., (KIEM)- K9 Office Kai has done it again, and the police department is happy to note as much in a Facebook post Sunday. According to that post, 11.2 grams of suspected narcotics were seized Saturday during a traffic stop off of U.S Highway 101 at Elk Valley Road.

California Highway Patrol would be assisted by CCPD’s K9 unit in a vehicle search during that traffic stop, uncovering the alleged narcotics and $4,545 in cash.

Three people have been taken into custody following the stop. Maximo Perez is in custody for outstanding warrants.
according to CCPD, Jeremiah Geronimo and Javier Perez are facing charges for possession of cocaine and possession of cocaine for sale.