Hepatitis and Humboldt County: 1 in 18 People Affected Locally

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- 75 hundred people in Humboldt County have been diagnosed with hepatitis c.

It’s a blood borne infection… Affecting the liver that can cause long term health problems and death if untreated. Many people with Hep C don’t have symptoms, but are still able to transmit the virus.

The good news? In the past two years a cure has been developed a daily pill that has a 99% cure rate. Today the department of health and human services made a presentation to the Humboldt County board of supervisors: discussing the statistics and solutions already in place in the area

Nationally, numbers have been on the rise. “Baby Boomers” make up the largest segment of the affected population of the country, but in not Humboldt County.

Dr. Baird says, largely as a result of IV drug use, people around the age of 35 and younger make up the bulk of north coast Hep C patients.

Dr. Baird says the county implements harm reduction practices for a first point of contact. Allowing care providers to establish trusting relationships with patients, and encourage screening and treatment for diseases like Hepatitis C, in addition to addiction.

To learn more about Hep C visit the CDC here.

For a list of public health services provided by the Department of Health and Human Services click here.