Dog missing after being swept away from river current

Last night around 6 p.m. a dog was pulled away by a river current in Willow Creek, while attempting to play fetch.

Owner of the two-year-old Pitbull, Cash, says he was casually skipping rocks across the river at Camp Kimptu when his dog decided to chase one and jumped in.

Cash was then caught in the current and taken down stream. Cash popped his head up trying to keep afloat, before going under. The owner tells us he tried to swim after Cash, but quickly lost energy and feared drowning himself. He said he is going to take a raft downstream to try to find Cash today.

He says he wishes he had a life vest on Cash and urges all pet owners to keep a life jacket on their dog at all times near the river. He is still hoping for the best and asks all locals to call him (707) 496-7560 if you spot Cash (he will have a gold chain around his neck).