Understanding the City of Eureka’s Strategic Arts Plan

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Humboldt county has more artists per capita than anywhere else in California. Now, the City of Eureka wants to focus on giving the arts community a financial boost, and the area infrastructure a spruce to boot.

It starts with the utility box mural program. Every traffic signal needs a computer box to operate. Typically beige or gray in color, city officials have found the boxes are particularly susceptible to graffiti.

The City started seeking business sponsors to pay a $500 fee, and have a utility box of their choice transformed into a mural. Artists from across the community have submitted designs, which are then approved by the city. Once approved and selected by a sponsor, the artists get to work. They make a little cash. The potential urban eye-sore gets a little face lift.

The city is also thinking outside the box. They plan to improve ‘Opera Alley.’ Transforming the corridor into a public art space. You can view the complete strategic plan here.