Geo-technical Assessment is in for Last Chance Grade

Crescent City, Ca., (KIEM)- They have a combined 180 years of experience. They are a team of Geo-technical Experts, assembled by Cal Trans and the Federal Highways Administration to study the Last Chance Grade. Their report is now released.

Last Chance Grade is the stretch of Highway 101 four miles south of Crescent City that is extremely susceptible to landslides. Using 3D enhanced technology and other research methods, this team of experts has been working to find a long term solution to the endangered thoroughfare.

One proposed alternate route, a tunnel, was found to have only about a 50 year life span. As their findings is are released, Cal Trans will hold a public open house to discuss what researchers learned, and the best step forward for the community. That open house is set for July 19th from 6:30 till 8:00 p.m. at the Del Norte County Fair Grounds.

Geo-technical experts release Last Chance Grade report