Eagle Prairie Bridge now open, accelerated process

The Eagle Prairie Bridge is now permanently opened, two months earlier than expected. Caltrans accelerated the six month process due to complaints from local business owners. Our Kylie Walker reports.

James Rich, Owner of The Pizza Factory, tells us June to August are the crucial months for his business. The extra summer cash is what keeps his business running through the winter. Whereas, Myles Cochrane of Caltrans, says much thought went into the process. He tells us weather conditions in the winter would hinder the process of bridge painting.

Others, wonder why one way traffic control was not an option, like it was in the past, but Cochrane says that would have taken two years to complete the project. And would cost $1 million more than just shutting the bridge down completely for the short period of time.

Cochrane says they want to make the infrastructures better for the community, but in the future they will do a better job at giving local businesses more of a heads up.

The bridge was closed at the end of March, and re-opened on Friday.