Caltrans and CHP work together in Mendocino Complex Fire

There are various agencies that are throwing themselves into the largest fire in California history. Our Kylie Walker spoke to CHP and Caltrans to find out their contribution.

Fire acreage now outnumbering firefighters and resources are scarce, which is why agencies working together is crucial at this time.

CHP has helped with everything from evacuations in the early stages to road closures. Workers of Caltrans are also currently working on the damage on the major highways and directing one way traffic.

Phil Frisbe, of Caltrans, says that there will be heavier than normal traffic traveling through the 101 over to the I-5. Highway 20- remains closed from Highway 29 to Highway 53.

Both CHP and Caltrans tell us they have been working 12 to 20 hour days. Some, even sleeping in their cars.