Eureka City Council votes to reduce lanes on “H” and ‘I” street

Eureka., Ca (KIEM) – Emotions run high in Tuesdays Eureka City Hall meeting. For the North-South Multi-Modal Corridor Project Council decided they will continue to move “concept one” forward to the design phase.

The city started this project several months ago, to change the environment of the area, in hopes people would slow down, commuters would feel safe to bike and walk and neighborhoods would come together. During public comment members of community raised concerns for first responders, students crossing the streets and the advantages and disadvantages of two streets. Some even commenting on the high cost of the project.

Which is expected to be $2,867,348. The city plans to fund the project with Federal grants like the Surface Transportation Program (STP) State grants like Active Transportation Program (ATP) as well as local sources.

The council has a tough road ahead of them, but with the purpose of safety in mind, concept one is moving to the design plan phase with a four to one vote. Council Member Brady the only one to vote no.